Fringe Outfits

Hey guys, guess who’s becoming more organized…. Yes! Me!!!!Glory!!!!  Lol.

In the light of this I’m excited to share this trendy fringe style with you guys, I feel like it’s one of those outfits that you probably won’t go for right away, but once you do you be giving yourself a bow for being stylish and confident.imageimage

My outfit definitely has some type of neutral color thing going on which I love and I definitely didn’t plan it, just so happened this way…..*flips hair*




love this fringe outfits style, this particular style looks very boo hoo/festive ish, but swap those all stars  for heels & you could be strutting the red carpet. here’s what I mean, I’ve compiled  a few other of some awesome fringe styles I dig. Which is your fav?

This was made by an awesome designer ‘SISIANO’ the black is my favorite



And lastly these 3.. This black leather jackets is definitely something!!!!


Thanks guys for visiting!!! XOXO






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