Ankara Fashion

This post is inspired by my love & creativity for African fabrics&fashion and motivated by boredom.
This awesome day, my sister made me up and had me looking all fabulous (IG: Chinwe_Arinze) and gorgeous, but unfortunately or fortunately I had no where to go, so as

I sadly made my way back to my room to wipe off my face, while wiping of my lips i saw two of my mums Ankara wrappers on my bed from laundry that was just done (Don’t ask me why they were on my bed) looool.

Anyway, I decided to do something with these wrappers, nicely enough they were both blue although different patterns. Tied one over my head and the other around my waist like a pencil skirt & and later on styled the popular ‘iro’ style.. Feeling really excited for the pictures in my head as I yelled out my brothers name (my photographer) to come take my pics..
As I went back downstairs, everyone gave me the ‘here we go again’ look,  perhaps because of the running shoes I wore to go with the outfit Loool and as usual I just catwalked out.

Being in Nigeria these past couple months has definitely re-established my love for African fabrics; was thinking the other day, would it be possible to wear only African fabrics forever??img_3796perhaps, a bit unrealistic, but i’d definitely want to have a huge closet of african fabrics.while preparing to blog this post i looked out to see the manufacturer of the fabrics & i saw Vlisco; a name that i have only become familiar with a couple of weeks ago from the lagos fashion & design week. so, imagine me being like ‘oh, i know these guys’ .


















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