How To Wear Your Robe Stylishly

Hey guys, Reporting live from Lagos, Nigeria. Jealous right? i know. its been great i must say. i’ll be putting a video out soon on this wonderful experience on my youtube channel.

This has been a pending post, i am glad i finally blogged this. Yes, i’m wearing my sleep robe as a kimono, i find this interesting, i mean i love the silky feel to it, plus its Victoria’s


What goes better with Black than gold? nothing but gold. There’s just something about black and gold, turns a laid back outfit to a chic outfit.maybe its just me.*shrugs*

I would suggest though with this style, to avoid much attention keep it monochrome, to give a nice blend to the entire outfit. would wear this on a nice pencil skirt, or nice pencil pants.IMG_0266IMG_0272IMG_0287

Robe: victoria secret

pants: zara

shoes: shoe dazzle

acessories: aldoIMG_0288IMG_0290IMG_0291

Thanks guys for visiting, more fun posts to come soon. XOXO


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