Denim On Denim

TGIF!!!!!!oh man,  i really am excited for this weekend, going to ottawa to see my long time friend!!cant wait!! This past couple weeks has been hella hectic, hence my absence on here (my apologies). On the other hand, i’m currently in Montreal and i think i find it interesting here; haven’t made up my mind if i love it or not but its interesting for sure. oh lets not even talk about my clueless face when people speak french to

Back to my outfit; you cant really go wrong with Denims, don’t you just love how it makes you look cool…yeah, i know. i have literally been telling everyone to get Denim pants from forever21 , loving the new styles.


I got this denim dress at a steal from a thrift store about a year ago, and now getting it to button down is just a struggle, (thanks to all great food i do not regret eating) anyway, couldn’t bear to give it out just yet, so i guess it works as a denim kimono for now.



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