How To Wear your Skater Skirt

Hey guys, everything going good i hope….so, i bought this skirt like 3 years ago (no jokes) but never wore it, literally has the tags on and all…i don’t know why, i just have never really loved skater dresses or skirts etc i’m more of the body con style person but anyway i decided to do something different with it, wearing the skater skirt as a skater tube dress….it was really cool i findIMG_0084IMG_0064

Also, i didn’t wanna dress it up with heels so decided to wear Β it with my all star converse to give it a bit of street style chic .IMG_0060

okay, so the interesting part about it was the back, obviously my waist size and chest circumference are different so i had to put the zip down a bit, fold it in to give a low back illusion. i think it worked fine πŸ™‚


Skater skirt:Β HERE



Part 2 will be out tomorrow, thanks guys for visiting.XOXO



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