The Gift Of God In Me Part 1.

Good day guys, i hope you had a good start to the week. Today i’m going to share something i have always been greatly inspired by from the book of luke 19: 12-26, please take a minute to read. Here are two important questions that we must answer from this scripture; 1. Has God placed something inside of you? 2. If answer to 1 is yes, what are you doing with what he’s placed inside of you?. (if your answer to 1 is ‘umm, i think so or umm i’m not sure or NO ” then hang in there for PART 2 of this topic.)

These questions may seem to have very normal Yes or NO answers but if you take a minute to actually think to yourself you’ll realize the many clauses you’ll add trying to answer this question. How many of us routinely ask ourselves ‘am i on the right path,? is this God’s plan for my life? someone might say of course God has placed a gift inside of me, am i using it? well…. i mean…not yet…i have to finish my contract with this job first, i have to save money first, when i finish university i’ll start exploring my God given gift or one may even say i know of my gift but man, doing that cant pay the bills plus my parents will frown on that subject. i could go on and on giving excuses.

okay, one last question. Do you think that your God given gift can expire? …………sorry to burst your bubble but YES, it can so expire, and even if the actual gift does not expire, the value of the gift can expire, i’ll share a couple of examples. If someone gave you $100 on your 10th year birthday 15 years ago and you said to yourself back then; i’ll keep it, i wont spend it now, i’ll save it,  as much as saving sounds like a wise choice, it really isn’t because now you’re 25 and even though you still have the 100 dollar bill physically, the value of that money has definitely gone down.

I read something earlier this week at joseph’s court and something got to me, He said;

”The moment a dream is given to you, the clock begins to tick for and against you. A Dream does not expire, what expires is the dreamer. There is a time designated for every dream. Of what use is discovering you were meant to be a footballer if you discover it at the age of 60. It may be too late for you!” yea, let that sink in.I definitely agree with this.

Remember in that scripture, the king gave the servant who invested his one pound and got 10 pounds the pound of the other servant that was ‘saving’ his.  That’s to say, when God sees you using the little he gave us he’s bound to add more to us.

Here’s the point, the time to start using what God has placed inside of you is not tomorrow, is not when you get married, its not when you’re done college, IT’S NOW. Then you say ‘its not that easy, its not that straight forward, Yes, i agree. it may not be that easy but would you rather use that phrase for the rest of your life and be like the servant who the king collected the gift he gave him or would you rather do whatever you can to keep this precious gift of yours? Exactly.

Here’s a few ways to go about it; The first step is to spend time prayer , literally asking God how to go about it, ‘father, i appreciate the gift you’ve given me, show me how to use it to your glory, give me ideas on how to maximize it” . The 2nd step is follow your instinct, do the next thing, that thing you’ve put off for a while, do it now. You’ll start to realize that after each step you take, there comes another step available to take, before you know it you can see a clearer picture of your dreams being fulfilled one step at a time. I pray that God will empower us to use every bit of gift,skill, talent that he’s placed in us.Amen.





3 thoughts on “The Gift Of God In Me Part 1.

  1. Thanks so much dear for sharing this amazing post. I really needed to hear this I have been fighting about this recently. Like you said I will spend time in prayer and ask God for direction and follow my instinct. May God continue to bless and keep you. The dress and belt is amazing on you. Enjoy your week


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