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Hey lovelies, hope you all are having a great Sunday; try not to focus on thinking about how Monday is here already, but get the best rest & fun out of this day.

okay, about my outfit. i should start by saying its my mum’s..looool. I realized it isn’t such a bad idea that i gained weight, at least i can wear her clothes, win-win. Thats to make myself feel better.


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I really love this outfit, the freedom it gives, the mix of colours and also love the material itself. i wore it to church but i could definitely wear it o many other places i.e baby showers, bridal showers or pretty much anywhere, especially if you’re planning to eat loads, this dress will be a smart idea.


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I couldn’t read the label on the dress but i know she got it from HERE, its one of those websites were you find lovely things if you look often & shoes are similar or Here and my habd bag is from louis vuitton.

Thanks guys for visiting, i hope you enjoy the rest of your day.xoxo



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