Corporate colors

Hey guys, this post is about a week late but oh well…..t’was my outfit to church last Sunday and I really loved it. Definitely something to wear to the office or a corporate meeting or event.

Other than this style post, I wanted to write about something that I have recently realized, or I should say thought about.At every stage of our lives we’ve had to work hard for something or to get something, we’ve hard to maybe work so hard that we lost sleep for days or sacrificed a lot, but notice how when success is attained you don’t remember the stress or sacrifices because you got what you wanted out of it, but if the reverse occurred (failure) you begin to sulk over how despite all your hard work you still failed and it’s almost as if you could still feel every pain and every iota of tiredness and you can still see d bags in your eyes from all that lack of sleep during your preparation & prior to the failure.Here’s my point…. In every thing we want to set out to accomplish if we can’t give it our all then perhaps it’s not time to accomplish it. Always give your all, Make sacrifices because when success comes you’ll be way better, stronger & motivated than you were.imageimageJacket: thrifted


pants: Guess


top: Bebe

brooch: Ysl




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