Chic in Tan

Its pretty amazing how it’s January and the weather is 3degrees, if you’re in florida you probably wont get how this is amazing but i am thankful i’m still able to walk out in culottes and a turtleneck without getting a frostbite. it’s probably too early to tell but lately  i’ve been so into mono-chroming not sure why, maybe because its winter and my style gets subtle-ish. A simple tip today is you can never go wrong with mono-chroming your outfit, just add a little confidence with it and you’re good to go, frankly this is applicable to almost anything. i’m pretty much wearing Zara, not planned i promise. IMG_8855IMG_8856IMG_8885IMG_8907IMG_8896


6 thoughts on “Chic in Tan

  1. I really love this Carmel color on you. If you say so then it must be pretty cold in Florida and am glad the weather was in your favor to rock this look. Take care


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